Our commitment is to be a customer partner,
right from the design phase, to solve needs
requiring the highest levels of accuracy and reliability.
Four coordinated strengths:
Experience, Versatility, Technology, Certified Quality.


We have gained our experience by serving leading industrial companies in their sectors, consolidating collaborative dialogues and focusing entirely on customer needs. »



We work with CAD - CAM technologies using the customer's mathematical model or created by our technical department. In specific cases we are able to reconstruct the drawing from the piece starting from the sample. »


Smart Technology

The availability of a fleet of 4, 5 and 6 axis machining centers, including a modern testing room, allows us to ensure a service that is in tune with the demands of smart manufacturing. »


Certified quality

The operational versatility, typical of an SME approach, joins a modern enterprise organizational and management system. The constant controls on the process allow us to guarantee controlled quality and punctual delivery. »

The best quality guarantee of Coim Tech is the absolute mechanical precision of the pieces produced, thanks to the repeated and severe checks and tests.

Business sectors

We produce quality components and details for the needs of application fields where precision is fundamental.


Palette for steam and gas turbines, nozzles and accessories.


Parts for cars and means of transport on land and water.

Textile machinery

Details for knitting and hosiery machines (cams, rings, needle holders).

Sporting weapons

Scales for rifles, triggers, kicks, shutters.

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